Our story

Some people collect stamps, paintings or even shells. As for ourselves, we’ve tried to put together images, sounds, emotions and flavours fom all the places we’ve seen so far. Especially flavours.

We’ve found out that it could be hard to put into words the way a fisherman from the Philippines taught us about some thousands of spices which can change the taste of a meal from ordinary to delicious.

We’ve found out, as well, that it could be hard to express the same feeling of a ”cubano” guy who’s talking freely about ”Cuba Libre”. Under Castro.

That’s why we’re trying now to reveal all those unspeakable emotions in a different way. ’Cause we’ve always believed that a ”food experience” has to appeal all the six senses. And even more: to generate a seventh one. We’ve brought here, in the Rocca cuisine, all we’ve learnt from the cuisines abroad.

Along with the little secrets, we’ve came back with something hard to define and even harder to find: patience. Patience to wait. For a meal to be cooked in its right way.

That is why we will ask you, our precious guest, to have ”a bit-little-bit of patience” — as one of our greatest writers used to say, himself being a real ”bon-viveur”. Because, first and foremost, we want you to become our friend, not just an occasional visitor.

—Larisa & Horațiu Rusu

The spaces

Whether you prefer the stylish gastropub, the terrace, or want the attic just for yourself, we’ve got you covered.

The main space

If you prefer that cozy gastropub feeling, this space is for you.

The terrace

If you’re a free spirit, you’ll enjoy this space. During the colder months, it has walls all around and is heated.

The attic

If you want to get a party started, or you just want to feel at home, only among friends or colleagues, then book the attic.